Food Production and Manufacturing Advice


Bill Crosson is a member of REHIS and holds the Advanced Diploma in Food Hygiene and the Advanced Certificate in Applied HACCP Principles. He can assess the training requirements of your staff and arrange training for them, tailored to your specific requirements. BC Consult offers Basic and Intermediate level training in Food Hygiene and/or HACCP certificated under the REHIS scheme.

Training is offered in three main areas : Food Hygiene and Safety, HACCP Systems,  Internal Auditing.

He is a registered Auditor/Mentor for the Safe and Local Supplier Assurance (SALSA) scheme and can provide advice on the benefits and support offered in that scheme.

Training is also offered in the Internal Audit skills required to ensure compliance with SALSA or BRC schemes.

Make sure that the way your products are handled and presented to your customers meets all the requirements of a modern, safe and hygienic food production facility. Get the best out of the valuable ingredients in your process by ensuring that they are made to the highest standards. Advice from BC Consult to optimise production standards delivers confidence in the quality of your products.

For all of your food hygiene and HACCP training requirements throughout Scotland and the UK contact BC Consult.

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